I walked amongst the Kelpies and lived to tell the tale


As you are reading this, I am guessing you have read my other posts regarding my travels to Scotland. (If you have not, I think you should!)

This is only a short post, concentrating on one place I visited, but I have posted it as a ‘stand alone article’ because I think it deserves such.

I think (hope) you will agree, so here goes…

Scotland is an ancient land hewn from rugged mountains of granite, a land where rivers of crystal waters course along twisted ravines, flowing into deep cold lochs where giant snakelike monsters are said to live.

It is in this wilderness, along the banks of the rivers, you may see wild horses grazing, amazingly tame, these beautiful horses excude an air of expectation, a want to be ridden. 

Yet, the moment you sit upon the horses back you become magically stuck, unable to dismount.

The horse will then charge headlong into the raging river. The sound of thunder will reverberate across the glens as the horse’s tail enters the water.

Diving deep beneath the surface, the horse will take you down into the dark, icy coldness of  a watery grave, where it will devour your body.

What you happen to gazed upon are not wild stallions, they are Kelpie, an ancient, mythical creature with an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

Often it is said, you can hear the Kelpie’s voice’s wailing and howling during the tempest of a thunder storm.

Yet, I have walked amongst these beasts, touched them and stroked them. I have photographed their heads rising from the waters by night and day and I have lived to tell this tale.

Well, ok… these were not real Kelpies!

They are the amazing sculptures of Andy Scott which can be seen on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal at Helix Park in Falkirk.


The Kelpies, constructed from pure stainless steel, each weigh around three hundred tons. They stand thirty meters high, which makes them the largest equine sculptures in the world.

Here are a few ‘snapshots’ I took during that trip to Scotland.

Even though my photography is somewhat lacking in skill, I think you will agree the sculptures are quite amazing and almost as intriguing as the legend which inspired their creation.






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