About this blog

Wild Geese is a Travel blog with a difference.
It is the author, Paul White’s personal take on the big wide world. 

In Wild Geese, Paul uses his skill as a writer and wordsmith to bring to life the views, vistas and experiences he has encountered during his years of travel.

Breathe deeply as you read; you can almost taste the scents and smells of the dank forest, or the desert air in the moments before the sun creeps over the horizon of rolling sand dunes.

Every place has its own rhythm; each city, town, village and hamlet lives at its own circadian pace. Rivers and seas keep their own time, accompanied only by the wind and tides, an ethereal tempo far above our conceptual abilities.

Birds, animals, sights, sounds, smell, taste and touch come to life in Paul’s posts. Yet the real magic lays in the way Paul weaves our own humanity between the words; emotions, sensations, sentiments, passions and more draw us in, making us want to be there, now, today… even yesterday.

Read, enjoy and visit whenever you can.

Paul White is a founding Member of APC